Why do you write in English?

I have received a powerful message from WordPress last week. ‘Your stats have increased significantly’. Exciting. Did I become viral in just one night? Was the world finally seduced by my understimated and lovely reflections? I clicked on the link to see in live the huge social impact that my writing had caused, and I was right to be proud. The figures had raised from four sad visitors to eleven amazing readers. Two digits! A new era had started.

It might not be extremely important to explain anything that is happening within this virtual space. However, time is one of the most valuable treasures in human life, and if you are spending yours on this, you deserve to know why the quality could be… unstable.

I love writing. It is an elegant exercise of rationality, an artistic way to be serious and a wonderful tool for communications. My Spanish writing can become charmingly confusing if I am inspired, and that freedom to consciously play with grammar is a wonderful feeling.

It is not the case in English. Every time I play, I have the feeling that my message will become indecipherable if I go too far. And that’s where I always want to be.

However, I thought I could improve if I try to share some thoughts in English from time to time. It will not hurt anyone. Almost literally if we have a look to the stats. Sharing is the principle of our existence, and I believe that communication is stronger than some grammar dilemmas.

If you are here, thanks for your patience and understanding.

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